3 Ways I’m Conquering Carbs

So I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to bread. I have no idea why but I constantly crave bread with butter and any kind of sandwiches. It’s kind of crazy because I rarely crave other starchy foods like pasta or potatoes – although I do have them a couple times a week. Lately I’ve been consuming roughly half a loaf if not an entire loaf of bread a day!

So in an effort to kick my bread/carb addiction I’m trying a few tricks I picked up from being a competitive athlete as a teen. No I’m not on a diet but I do know that it’s better for my health not to spike my blood sugar with bread and other starchy foods. With that said I will still be having Pão de Queijo on the nights I cook Brazilian dinners. Before I start making more exceptions here’s my list : 

First I’m having breadless sandwiches. I’m swapping out bread for cabbage. Just add your filling roll up and dip in mustard or any other condiment that suits the sandwich. Cabbage not only has a really satisfying crunch but 2 large leafs have 43%DV of vitamin C and, 64% DV of Vitamin K. I find that when it’s a sandwich using the widely loved Seitan O’Greatness you get a bit of that wheaty taste you expect from a sandwich. 

Second I’m swapping my pasta for spaghetti squash. I never knew about this wonderful gourd unit recently but now that I’m “in the know” lasagna night is now spaghetti night and I’m loving it. It has the right shape and a nice crunch that’s oh so fulfilling. Not to mention even the most lazy vegetarians can make it. Here’s the YouTube video I watched to learn how to cook these. They are way to simple not to make!

Third I’m saying good-bye to my usual white potato mash and making cauliflower mash. Which tastes way better! I also love the fact that I can fill up half my plate with it and not worry about going into a food-coma. I’ll be inserting hyperlinks to my recipe shortly. Amazingly 1/2 cup of cauliflower has 46% of your daily value of vitamin C. So any vegetarians with colds out there might really benefit from a creamy cauliflower soup when your sick. I’ll be posting one in the coming weeks as it’s great on a crisp night by the ocean. 


I really hope these tips help you find new and interesting ways to cut bad carbs from your diet. Your body will appreciate all the extra veggies and believe it or not your palate will be happy too! 


I love hearing from you, so please let me know what you think.

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